Friday, March 27, 2009

But the watch I was using to keep up with the time tonight hadnt...that is I had not moved it an hour ahead with the rest of my time pieces at the house back at the beg. of the month because it has a broken strap so I have just been stuffing it in my pocket(s).

I know I should not be ashamed....things like this happen all the time..but I feel that my ADHD is NOT being very nice to me. I was looking VERY forward to meeting all the people involved in the support group but since I wasnt on time I just left...I didnt want to make a scene. I think that is what hurts more than anything else....I was looking forward to to meeting new people and the fellowship but when that didnt happen, I just disappointed myself again.

I also hate PMS...which makes me blow everything out of porportion (sp?) ....ok to be honest its either PMS or the fact taht I had a Jones Root Beer with dinner (huge amounts of sugar!)

ok ...since I didnt have anybody to share this incident with besides this blog ....I think I am starting to not feel so sad about what happened...there is always next time and I can keep up with everybody from the group @ to work on some stuff for the Avon Walk (
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