Saturday, April 3, 2010

KD's Korner is going to Haiti and Needs Your Help! :)

I want to let you know of any opportunity I have to serve in Haiti and how you can be part of it.

Growing up in Miami, Florida I was greatly influenced by the Haitian culture through my church’s involvement in ministering to Haitians living in the city.  As an adult, Haiti has always been in the back of my mind and whenever tragedy,such as the hurricanes of 2008, hit the country my concern was voiced via prayers.

When the earthquake hit on January 12, I realized that my concern for Haiti and her people ran much deeper than just saying a prayer on their behalf.  Seeing the children who lost parents and everything that they had known greatly touched my heart and renewed my passion for Haiti.

I have known of and prayed for God’s Littlest Angels (GLA) for several years. When the earthquake hit, GLA was one of the first organizations that I looked up on the internet to see how they had fared.   GLA is an orphanage located in Petion-Ville, Haiti which is in the mountains a hour north of Port Au Prince. Since 1997 they have been taken care of orphans and also provide opportunities for adoption when it’s appropriate.

One of the things I realized when I went to the GLA website is that their US office is located here in Colorado Springs.  It was while helping the office with loading up a shipping container of donations to send to GLA in Haiti, that I was made aware of the need that the orphanage had to have volunteers go down and help during the month of April. 

God has orchestrated circumstances in my life to allow me to go and spend 18 days down with GLA in Haiti (April 13 – 30).  The last thing that needs to be taken care of is the financial side of things and this is where you can help.

I need to raise $1500 to cover my expenses which include airfare and room and board.  I would like to have the money raised by the time I head for a family gathering in Miami on Thursday, April 8. 

Would you please consider making a financial donation to God’s Littlest Angels on my behalf? All donations are tax deductable.  When writing a check, please make it out to GOD’S LITTLEST ANGELS with VOLUNTEER SUPPORT DEBARDELABEN in the memo line. 

Please send donations to 
God’s Littlest Angels - c/o Ms Jean Bell
 2275 Waynoka Rd, Suite D       
Colorado Springs, Colorado  80915

Any questions about this please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Serving Him Always
Kelly DeBardelaben

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