Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Stark Reality of Cholera in Haiti

This is a post that I found on another blog. It is a post that I feel needs to be shared...esp for those of us who have an intense love for the people of Haiti

It is the stark reality of what the cholera outbreak is doing to the people of Haiti and how they are dealing with it.

Due to the graphic nature of the post and the pictures that accompany it I am only post the link to the original blog here in order to give my readers the opportunity to opt out of not reading it....The author of the blog also gives readers away to read teh blog post without seeing the accompanying pictures.

Regardless of whether or not you go to the original blog entry , I would like to ask that you please pray for the people of Haiti as they continue to  deal with the outbreak and for the elections coming up Nov 28...that God will put the people in power that will want to do what is right for the people they will represent.

Loving God, Loving Haiti

Kelly D <>< :)

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