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One Month Later (from Dixie/God's Littlest Angels)

12 February 2010 2 AM!
Posted by Dixie

BBC London called me at 8 AM their time which was 2 AM Haiti time and I updated them on how the orphanage was doing a month after the earthquake. They spoke with me 5 minutes but of course, now I cannot go back to sleep! So I decided to watch a little bit of Anderson Cooper on CNN, because I really like Anderson, but I am not very happy with Anderson tonight!

Anderson has decided that it is better for children to be raised in orphanages than it is for them to be adopted into loving families. Where did he come up with this wisdom? Has anyone read a book by a child raised in an orphanage that said that it was the BEST experience in their lives? That living in a group of children was so MUCH better than having a Mom and Dad to raise them? I have never read a book like that!

Ask our foster son, JAMES, about being raised in an orphanage. He says he would have loved to have been adopted instead of spending his whole life from 10 months of age to now living in an orphanage. He missed out on a lot of family life…things a normal family do together. When he came to live with us, he did not know how to live in a family and what was expected from him!

I would bet if a poll was taken of Haitian children raised in orphanages, most would say they would rather have lived in a family setting. For every good orphanage in Haiti, there are probably 10 that are not so good. They try but without some sort of outside funding, most orphanages just scrape by every month and the children are not well taken care of. Anderson, report about these orphanages and talk to the children who are teenagers at these orphanages. Would they have liked to have been adopted and had a chance to better their lives rather than went to bed hungry every night and not got the education that they could have received if adopted?

Do NOT go to an American run and funded orphanage like Mercy and Sharing and show America and the world how well the children are doing in an orphanage. This is NOT a Haitian orphanage. Mercy and Sharing says they do not do adoptions, but there are children from Mercy and Sharing who are adopted by American Families. The orphanage just turns the children’s paperwork over to a lawyer and HE does the adoptions so they can say they do not do adoptions. It is not their main purpose in Haiti but children from their orphanage have been adopted into families! So Anderson, please do research before you report on an orphanage!

Haiti before the earthquake had over 50,000 children living in orphanages and IBESR has said that the number could be double that amount because many orphanages are not registered. UNICEF says there were 350,000 orphans in Haiti BEFORE the earthquake. Haiti authorizes about 2000 international adoptions per year. That is NOT a high percentage of children being adopted by foreign parents and many of those children are orphans with NO mother or father or just one parent who cannot care for the child.

Why does Angelina Jolie, who is in Haiti, not speak out for adoptions? There are times when adoption is best for the child! They never talk about that! My little Jerrensia, with bilateral leg deformities, will most likely be a beggar on the side of the road as an adult if she stays in Haiti! Tell me, Anderson, that this is better for her than going to the USA where she could be a doctor or lawyer or school teacher. Tell me that having her stay in Haiti and being a beggar is better!

But nobody wants to hear the facts. They want the sensationalism of kidnapping by American “missionaries”! Why are they called missionaries? They did not come to bring the gospel to Haitians. They did not come to live and work in Haiti. They had not even been in the Dominican long enough to be called missionaries! So why is the American journalists and Haitian authorities calling them missionaries? Did the group give themselves this title thinking it made them more legitimate?

Well, now that I got this off my chest and it is 3:30 AM, I will try to go back to sleep! OH one more thing, Anderson, you said that Haiti will have 3 days of mourning for those who died. The churches here are calling for 3 days of fasting for Haiti and those who LIVED! Get it straight Anderson, get it straight!


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