Sunday, January 24, 2010

How Do You Pray?? (Jill Ferrell)

This was a friends response to another friend admitting her unbelief in praying for our friend David Hames...and since we got some not so encouraging news from the Hotel Montana...(we got after Jill wrote this) I feel the same way..but have peace about it (weird I know...see my IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL BLOG...I wrote earlier today)

Jill Ferrell 
It's funny sometimes... because it's not really my "faith" that is small, for I KNOW that God can do anything. But, rather, it's my response to that knowledge that wavers. What do I do with that knowledge? What do I do with verses like, "ask and you will receive" and "say to the mountain move from here to there and it will"? All the while knowing that God's will for every specific situation is not described in the Bible. In another words, I know He CAN, I just don't know if He WILL. I hate being in that place really. It feels so wishy-washy. And I know that God can be trusted and that whatever the outcome, He knows best. But still... Jesus said we would do even greater things than He did... so that leads me to believe that I've got to go for broke when it comes to using the authority God has left with us through his Holy Spirit and by his Name. I looked up in a commentary last night what it means to "be still and know that I am God." Well, really, I was just interested in the "be still" part! I was worried that it might mean for me to stop striving over this... to just let God do what God is gonna do... to just say, "your will be done, Lord, your will be done." But there wasn't a whole lot on it! The whole verse basically means to realize that God is in control. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't do anything while we are waiting. It means, rest in and feel relieved by the fact that God is more than able to handle every situation. So while I'm waiting on Him and His awesome ability to handle this, I'm gonna follow all the other mandates I read in scripture and continue speaking to the rubble to move, speaking to the ground to give up it's hidden treasure (Isa 45) and begging God to please let David go home to his family... until He's made it clear to me that I can stop. And during all that I will be still and know that He is God. I don't know if it's right or not... Lord? Please correct me if I'm wrong!!! Thanks for letting me share friends!!
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