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Why Visiting Disney Alone Isnt So Bad? (from

I found a new friend from seeing this on Twitter :) and as I read it through and thought about all the many times I have been at WDW Parks by myself I realized that the reasons given in this blog were oh so true :)

ENJOY! KD <><>

5 Reasons Visiting Alone Really Isn’t So Bad

I’ve never taken a solo trip to Walt Disney World before – but while in the parks, my party has split up a few times to do their own thing. While it may seem like traveling to WDW alone is boring, awkward, and lonely, there are more pros to it than cons. Here’s why experiencing the magic solo really isn’t so bad.

[1] Be an early bird or a night owl. Or both. When you travel with family or friends, there is a great chance that some people are early birds and some are night owls. This means that there’s obviously going to be conflict when deciding what time to get to the parks and what time to leave. When you’re by yourself, you have all power. Do what you want. Get up early and stay up late all on the same day. It’s whatever you feel like.

[2] Let your vacationing style rule. I talked earlier about our different vacation styles – some people (like me) are only interested in getting every ride done, while others tend to take it easy, have a snack, then do a ride or two. When traveling with other people you’ll once again have a conflict. Some want to have a snack, while others want to keep riding rides. If you’re visiting solo, it’s up to you! Take a look in a gift shop if you want – then ride some rides, then eat a snack.

[3] Eat what and when you want to. Eating alone is probably the most boring and awkward thing to do during your solo visit. But don’t focus on that. Instead, keep in mind that you get to choose when and where to eat. You’re in control of your stomach for the entire trip – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eat at fancy restaurants, counter-service places or even McDonald’s. It’s all your decision.

[4] Buy as many or as little souvenirs as you want. Usually when you travel with others (no matter how many times you’ve been), someone in your party wants to get something. Well now that you’re all alone, you don’t have to buy anything you don’t want to – or you can buy anything you do want to. It’s really a happy situation! Also, if you don’t even want to look in a gift shop, that’s totally cool too. No one will mind.

[5] You can do something ‘Goofy’. For me, it’s riding the Haunted Mansion many times in a row during the Extra Magic Hours – which means I’m the only one riding – so I take some…confession time…flash pictures simply to see what the attraction looks like with the ‘lights on’. Everyone has their little quirks and silly things they like to do. And when you travel by yourself, you’re completely free to do them.

Obviously, the main point through this entire article is that you have complete freedom to do whatever you want to do (as long as it’s legal, of course). There is no one there to criticize you – it’s absolutely up to you. And it doesn’t matter if anyone thinks it’s stupid, silly, a waste of time, or anything else – because no one will be there to care!


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